A Denver Home Companion | spun at the denver art museumA Denver Home Companion | spun at the denver art museumA Denver Home Companion | spun at the denver art museum

what fun to be invited to the media preview of the denver art museum‘s new exhibit, spun: adventures in textiles! last wednesday i (along w other bloggers and newsies in denver) got a sneak peek of what’s on view starting may 19.

the show runs 5/19 until 9/22 and showcases a “wide-ranging look at textiles from pre-Columbian weavings to Navajo blankets to an examination of clothing in art and photography.” it was beautiful. pieces that are part of this can be found campus-wide through the large (and wonderfully laid-out) museum.

i didn’t see everything (babysitters and nap time and other tasks and events called to me!) but what i saw was quite amazing. the colors and uses and histories and evolutions of the items in the galleries tell so many stories and instruct the viewer on the deep and rich narrative of the cultures and customs of the times they’re a part of. the exhibit shows actual textiles as well as paintings that address their uses. there’s also interactive stations for children and adults alike. i am very much looking forward to bringing ramona to see it.

if you go (and you should!): they are building a three-story community quilt, planting a garden to use the plants for dying fabrics, and will have a new activity every weekend. the focal point is Cover Story, examples of all the different ways textiles cover our lives and what textiles tell people about us, our homes, and how we feed our spirits. part of this is also how we carry things and the rites and rituals in creating sacred spaces.

for more information on visiting the museum, please see visit this page.

A Denver Home Companion | spun at the denver art museum

 photos of the exhibits c/o denver art museum. outside shots are my own.


  1. Oh my goodness, I’d love to see the show!

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