for the second half of my spring break, i sprung up to minnesota to see my family. the days were filled with one epic ikea run, dogwood coffee, arts and crafts, a baby shower, and good time spent with some very amazing women.
my grandma driver was in town from oregon and this was a HUGE surprise to me. she bought a last-minute plane tickets and surprised me at the airport. i lost it. completely lost it. how loved i am by her and how special to have her with me to celebrate the little bean. she has 20-some other grandkids so time with her is really precious since i know she’s got a lot of other people to love!
my mother and i also had some really great time together. she’s been so wonderful to talk to re: ideas for the little bean: baby items needed (and not needed), birth plans, parenting techniques, etc. she’s the most amazing woman ever and i cannot wait to emulate her large love and generosity with my little one.
this trip was also a really special time with my sister(in-law), erica. erica and i had a girls’ night over pizza, baby clothes and grey’s anatomy, at her house. she’s been extremely instrumental in guiding me through the ups and downs of pregnancy and i admire her honesty with all things baby, marriage, and family related. i really lucked out in the in-law department. she’s my best friend.
last but not least, chicky. this little girl has stolen my heart. we really clicked this trip: reading books, telling stories, playing with my make-up (though my application of it just made her look like she had a black eye). she is brilliant, precocious, hilarious, and oh-so loved.

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