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ramona loves bath and shower time. if ramona hears the words “bath” or “shower” uttered, she is stomping towards the bathroom while simultaneously trying to take off all her clothes. there have been a few tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. most often though, we comply since it’s a surefire way to make or keep her happy. yesterday, when ramona was being particularly grumpy and i was rather uninspired and bored and certainly not wanting to hear her whine once more (and yo gabba gabba had already been played way more times than i care to admit), we hopped in the shower and played in there until the hot water ran out. her father followed w a bath that evening. after she had been swimming. she cannot get enough of the water.

i gave in and bought combination baby wash and shampoo that just happens to bubble ever so nicely. during that first bath she took w the bubbles she lost track of all the toys around her and just stared at the growing soap suds, clasping and clapping them in her hands and swishing them to and fro. it was quite amazing to see such wonder and discovery on her face.

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  1. sarah sibley says:

    California Baby has awesome bubble bath that has a bubble wand inside. lots of bath time fun!

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