she wakes up, she calls for me, i nurse her, we snuggle, she tromps around looking for another, different snack, and then seems to always find her way back into my lap.

yes. that is m&m chocolate smeared all over her face and romper. sometimes i let her eat trailmix with me. and of course she’s learned to go straight for the sweet little nuggets of chocolate. good thing she likes the raisins too.


One Response to snack and snuggle time

  1. melinda sue says:

    we can sometimes trick asher by calling foods “candy” raisins are candy, all natural fruit snacks are candy, and when he wouldn’t try watermelon, we called that candy too… (he started this by calling the fruit snacks candy, and we ran with it. actually that is usually the closest thing to candy we have in the house) but when there is actual candy around he won’t be fooled by us calling healthy snacks candy, he wants the chocolate. and that is why we don’t keep junk food in the house.

    she is so precious.

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