the first week ramona was here we were patting ourselves on the back for giving birth to such a good sleeper. no one corrected us and informed us that many newborns sleep like rocks the first week or so of their life. here she is in all her glory, snoozing away, just like her papa with her arms up. 

p.s. she still sleeps well but now has some fussier times, especially when she is cluster feeding. i’m learning to read her cues a little bit better to get her before she goes over the edge w her wailing but, well, she’s a baby and sure likes to cry sometimes. she’s also really hard to burp so we’re working on perfecting our burping techniques. if we don’t get that bubble out, she gets really angry.

p.p.s. that beautiful muslin blanket is from aden + anais. if you are looking for the perfect gift for new parents or are looking for the right blankets (does-it-all piece of fabric) for your little one, look no further. they are amazing for just about anything. ramona doesn’t like being swaddled but she does love being lightly wrapped up in these guys.


One Response to sleeping bean

  1. Aubrey says:

    I remember thinking the same thing. Wow this sleep thing sure is easy. I sure learned that's a lie. I remember many a night rocking a screaming baby to sleep. The first year sleep consumes your life. It gets easier although it feels like it will never end.

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