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ramona would only be able to sleep if slung up on me or if i was next to her in bed. i thought this was adorable. this was also doable since i had no other children and nothing to do except hang out with her.

harriet seemed to know, right out of the gate, that those sleeping habits would not be as easy for me to accommodate. so she takes two power naps in her car seat or in the sling while we’re out and about in the first part of the day — never staying asleep for more than 20 minutes. but never cranky about it either.

then she takes one four-hour nap around noon. one more power nap comes sometime in the early evening. and then she goes to bed promptly and easily around 7:30 or 8:00. no fuss. no hysterics. swaddle. hat. ceiling fan. a quick nurse on each side. and then down in the co-sleeping pillow. often a little awake, falling asleep on her own. WHAT?

i never thought a baby could go to bed so easily. cross your fingers this isn’t just a phase. it blows my mind every time i put her down.

thank you sweet baby, for knowing just what your mama needed.

what are you little one’s sleeping habits? did it change much from kiddo to kiddo? what tricks worked for you?


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  1. Our kids are night and day. Henry was never able to sleep in bed with us, not even as a newborn. He’s always been super restless. Cop can sleep anywhere, but he liked it best with us when he was new. We recently moved him into his brother’s room, and he was a mess until we moved their cribs right next to each other. Mischeif managed.

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