ramona bean. beanie bop. dingle bat. minka moo. mo mo.

i love you.

you are seven months old! this has been a big month for you, my little army crawler. you are scooting all around using your arms to pull you across the floor. if you need to get somewhere, you can get there — there’s a lot more intention in your actions and i love seeing your determination. sometimes you will push yourself up to your knees but so far you haven’t figured out what to do next. your movement delights and terrifies me bc you are already pretty speedy with the uneconomical mechanisms of the grasp and pull. you are only going to get more efficient with your crawling. go girl go!

food is happening. eating, not so much. but we’ve been introducing different foods to you and are attempting to establish a lunchtime habit of calories from other sources besides me. banana, apple sauce, peas, sweet potatoes, turkey, blueberries, chicken wild rice soup. we’re really easing into this. next is peaches.

you’re not necessarily fond of these foods but i think that’s bc you haven’t quite figured out the whole eating and swallowing thing. you certainly are not a fan of apple sauce or turkey that your mother may not have added enough liquid to. but you certainly got a kick out of sweet potatoes and blueberries. you’re not always the most willing to let the food into your mouth either by spoon or your own hands. but we’re getting some of it in there. most of it ends up on your bib or in your neck rolls. we’re experimenting and it’s fun.

now that i’ve gone back to work one night a week, your papa and you get some extra special time together. i chose to try work out since the extra cash is nice and i was feeling like maybe i could use some more time outta the house — at a place that requires make-up and fancier clothes that i don’t typically get to wear bc of that whole need-to-be-able-to-acces-the-milk-machines thing. i was really nervous bc no one but me as ever put you down to sleep for the night and we didn’t even know if you would take a bottle of pumped breast milk. but your papa and i prepared for it and i pumped a ton and i got all dolled-up and kissed you both goodbye. i figured i’d come home late to an exhausted and screaming baby (and maybe papa), if i hadn’t received a desperate text before that. but i was all wrong: you chugged 5 oz of warm milk and passed out on your papa’s shoulder. no problem. he really is the best and that’s the last time i’m underestimating his ability to soothe you.

my minka, you are fantastic. it is encouraging to watch your growing independence (and baby body!) as you learn to figure out the world around you. and i love knowing that, when you need it, you are so confident that i am your homebase when you need a little loving and snuggling. you have strength — both physically and in your spirit. and there’s a warmness to your demeanor that will be so cool to watch develop as you learn more and get older.

i love you so much,

your mama

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4 Responses to seven months

  1. Oh my lord. The fifth picture is KILLING ME. What a roly poly little sweetheart. And I’m hoping to hear more about your forays back to the land of the well-dressed and not-milk-or-poop-covered adults so I can live vicariously through you. (Also, your family photo in the post above is so sweet — I really like the idea of a yearly valentine!)

  2. mld says:

    I love how much you can’t get over Ramona.

  3. Erica says:

    UGH! I just want to snuggle her! She’s such a beauty. Can’t wait to see you guys.

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