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jp and i got to go to san francisco for four days and SANS baby! it was so nice to be w my love (and not have to wrangle a toddler or worry about nap times etc). big bummer though: the two of us were sick w the flu (or some weird GI thing) that ramona gave us. blech. our plans of eating and drinking ourselves into a stupor were laid to the side as we tried to take it easy, heal, and stomach what we could.

it may be because we were both down and out and feeling incredibly crappy, but i was not as in love with san fran as i thought i would be. it just didn’t seem to have that magic that chicago and NY certainly have. but criticisms aside, jp and i got to experience many cool things that we remember fondly:

we stayed with our friends in oakland and we both really loved that funny little city. travels are always best when you are with locals whom you enjoy.

and being away from ramona for so long?! it went terrific and i would do it again in a heartbeat if our budget allowed. she’s got such good people looking after her when we’re gone, and i’ve got places to see and lovey time with my husband to be had! i don’t love being away from her, but it sure was and is a luxury/blessing of life to be able to take off for some place and know my daughter is in completely loving and caring hands.

9 Responses to SAN FRANCISCO

  1. 4 baby free days sound blissful! I’m sorry it wasn’t the trip of your dreams but… never know until you go right?

  2. Jill says:

    I felt a lot like you did after we visited Portland this past January. It just wasn’t all folks had cracked it up to be (in my opinion). What you say about San Fran being dirty and having to do but shopping and eating is EXACTLY how I felt about Portland. Honestly, I think we are just spoiled from our experiences in Chicago. 🙂 I will take your advice and not have San Fran at the top of my list – however – maybe we are just letting our expectations run wild? I thought Portland was going to be a mecca for all the things I love… it just wasn’t.

    • emily says:

      i just saw this comment! i actually went back and edited my post a little bit ago bc i sounded so damn whiney! but yes, i’ve been hearing from more and more people that san fran just didn’t do it for them. chicago WAS a spoiler (in a good way!). i freaking love chicago.

      p.s. jp and i felt the same way about portland. we had a great time but are in no hurry to go back.

      • Jill says:

        Ha! I don’t think you should have edited it, I appreciated your honesty. I am not kidding, I SO felt the same way about Portland, and felt guilty about it, but hey – not everywhere and every trip is awesome, and sometimes our experiences aren’t what we think they will be (not in a good way). We shouldn’t feel bad about that, right?! Because I bet you anything, we would have gone to San Francisco thinking the same thing you guys did, and while I’m sure we’ll still go someday to check it out, thanks to you my expectations will be tempered!

  3. melinda sue says:

    i felt the same way about san francisco. i would much prefer to be in chicago. thought we would love it… we didn’t. so glad you got a few days away and had some lovely couple time.

  4. Alli says:

    How awesome to have 4 days away! Sounds lovely, aside from the sickness x

  5. Koan says:

    You guys can have Chicago AND New York, I’ll take San Francisco any day. West Coast, Best Coast. Also, I have never been to Chicago, so take this with a grain of salt.

  6. Lashley says:

    My 2 cents: Most of what people recommend for cities (especially for people who own restaurants, ahem, and like beautiful things) will have to do with food and shopping. Most of what you find about a city to love after you live there does not relate to these.

    Plus, HELLO, you were sick. How much fun is eating and shopping when you’re sick? You needed to quickly change your plans to soaking up sun at the Japanese Gardens and Sausalito and everywhere else there was sun and smiling at green and pink and alive things. Know where there wasn’t sun those days? Denver.

    And, man, that Koan, he knows his stuff. I’ve been to Chicago and San Francisco in March. Would go for SF every time.

    • emily says:

      oh lashley and koan: i admire how fiercely you fight for that city! i will say that though we were sick and couldn’t eat that was exactly the problem: we felt that there was little to do besides the over-hyped food scene there. besides, WHERE WERE YOUR COMMENTS WHEN I ASKED FOR SUGGESTIONS OF THINGS TO DO IN SAN FRAN TWO WEEKS PRIOR?!?!

      love you two lots, you know.

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