i’ve mentioned salvagetti bike shop before. it is, hands down, the best bike shop in denver.

photo from jerseyguys.blogspot.com

jp has been going to scott’s (he’s the owner) shop for years and we’ve continued going there, not only because it’s the closest shop to our home, but also because it has the best staff and cyclist-community around. through our morning walks to happy (RIP) jp and i got to better know scott and were soon introduced to his lovely wife, jenny. her and i were preggers at the same time and, as i’ve mentioned before, had the same midwife. there was lots to talk about. we became fast friends.

so salvagetti has become a special place to me. happy is no longer there (it’s under construction at it’s new location on s. broadway) but all the great staff still are. i’ll pop in with a flat tire on my  bob, or a bike questions, or just to say hello. they’re kind and fun and give ramona lots of love and good energy. i just really like it there and everything about it.

recently i read this article about the bike shop. it made me all teary and proud of my new city and the incredible people jp and i have gotten to know. and i wanted to pass it on, especially to those of you in denver who might need to find a good bike shop (or are going somewhere else. why would you?!) and also to those of you who are small business owners or entrepreneurs or trying to get something off the ground. to both groups i say: this is how it’s done.

p.s. salvagetti helps us with all of our cycling needs and then some: bob tires, baby helmets, burley bike trailers, extra parts, repairs. you name it, they’ve got it or will gladly order it for you.


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