(via aesthetic outburst)

dear me,

2011 was a great year. as always, there is room for improvement. consider the following things as you welcome 2012:

drink chug a glass of water every morning as soon as you wake up.

–spend more time with the chickens.

–sew more things (move on from just pillowcases!).

–be more like yourself.

–continue being honest. do your darnedest always to be kind in that honesty.

–offer your help. not just your opinions.

–take a road trip with jp and ramona.

–continue finding time to read for fun (google reader does not count).

–walk more. yoga more. get off your butt more. dance crazy around the living room.

love always, me.

(psst. i found inspiration for my 2012 resolutions here, where you can print off your own resolution kit. i’ll be filling one out and copying her idea of hanging it on the fridge to remind myself what my intentions are throughout the year. i also love her idea of writing new and revisiting old NYE letters to myself each year.)



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