my mother, who has always been the gardener in the driver family, sent me a DIY video on using black and white newspaper to make seedling pots. these pots are perfect for sprouting during the colder months and can then be transported outdoors and/or to bigger pots. here are the step-by-step directions for you, after jp and i had our hand at it on this sunny saturday.
first take a full sheet of black and white newspaper and fold it in half lengthwise.
fold it again.
take a long narrow glass and, with the open-mouth end situated at the middle of the short end of the newspaper…roll the newspaper up around the glass.
stick the part of the newspaper not around the glass into the opening. use your muscle here! there is no need to make it tidy, just make sure it is in there snugly and tight.
take the newspaper cup off of the glass. think of it like a chinese finger trap and push from the top instead of pulling off from the bottom.
the end of the newspaper that was pushed into the open-end of the glass will be sticking up: push these down to make a base.
it helps to use the same cup to push it down to make a more formed, firm base.
voila! you are done. and have a pot to plant your seedlings.
(this process can be made more enjoyable with some pbr or other summer time cheap beer.)
here they are, filled with organic potting soil, in our new teak planter i bought on a daytrip to madison, wi at antiques mall of madison. we planted basil, thyme, green onion and lettuce.


One Response to our teak planter and newspaper pots

  1. David says:

    I don't know, I feel like PBR would sidetrack me and I'd end up with a lot of empty cans and no planters. (And High Life is a better "summertime" beer.)

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