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have you all gotten on the insta-buying bandwagon? it’s pretty amazing. basically, you follow shops that sell goods. when you see something you like, you leave your email. if you’re the first person to do so, the seller will invoice you, you pay w/in 24 hours, and then they ship it off to you! obviously, you need to be careful about spammers but it’s pretty obvious who is doing a good, honest job at this. i’ve bought a kimono, two dresses for ramona, and an ace & jig top from instagram. watch out: it’s addicting.

A Denver Home Companion | ollie's vintage

as you suspected, i decided to try my own hand at selling my goods on instagram, w the handle, @olliesvintage. after all, i’m pretty much addicted to thrift store shopping and need a quick and easy way to list my items (i love etsy but it can be rather time consuming). if you use instagram, i highly recommend adding @olliesvintage to your instagram feed. keep a look out for fun, unique items for little ones and leave an email. i can’t wait to ship you some goodies!

A Denver Home Companion | ollie's vintage

you can, of course, also find me on etsy. and this sunday, 7/28, i’ll be doing a pop-up shop with brick & mortar outside of ace from 2-7. stop by and see these finds in person, say hello, and purchase some clothing for the baby or toddler in your life.

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  1. endelaney says:

    So fun, I love this! I think hubs and I are going to trade our super old school phones for some iphones this fall. I will have to get on the insta-buying bandwagon. I know, way behind:) And, your shop is adorable, can’t wait to check it out more.

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