once a month, jonathan and i, another rad couple we’ve gotten to know from the restaurant’s we’ve worked in, and one other very talented cook, host a supper club for friends and strangers at varying locations in denver. we call it the noble swine supper club.
we do it to collaborate, to meet people, to honor the talents of local cooks, servers, somms and producers. we do it to try new food, to introduce people to unique ways of dining and to get diners out of their expected comfort zone. we do it to have a lot of fun, to have some more creativity outside of the jobs we love. we drink good booze, we eat delectable food and rest assured you will leave gleefully drunk and sated (please no drinking and driving).
to hear about our upcoming events, please email eat@nobleswinesupperclub.com

questions, comments, feedback? please leave a note for me below. i'd love to hear from you!