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can you tell i’m in planning and nesting mode? i seriously feel so ready for this little bug to come. 38 weeks on friday! ramona was only four days “late” and i am just doing my best to will this second one out sooner. ha. we all know our little ones have their own perfect timing.

the beauty of a newborn is that, besides them f*cking up your sleep schedule, they are so so easy. they don’t take a lot of equipment save for your boobs, some warm-enough clothes, and fresh diapers. they can’t run away from you. they can’t crawl into trouble. they certainly can’t say “no!” (though there are times when they won’t stop crying and it does feel spiteful). they sleep anywhere and anytime and you can take them along with you to most any place. toddlers? not so much.

so thinking of this –of how much easier and simpler it seemed to be when ramona was a wee one– i started thinking about just what is it i like to have around me to feel prepped for a little one. this, of course, is all based on memory from three years ago. we’ll see how this little bug requires same or different. ironically, i can’t say i’ll be surprised if she throws me for a complete loop.

clockwise top left: || oxo candela night lights. the exact ones we used don’t seem to be available online but these are some good options for night time nursing. instead of turning on my bright bedside lamp, i used the soft glow of these to position ramona and also get some reading done while she nursed. || the sopranos complete series. jp and i blazed through mad men when ramona was first born bc there wasn’t much else to do besides sit on the couch and nurse and watch shows. we’re all set now. i know i know: i’ve got a toddler now! i’m banking on the kindness and generosity of my husband and village to take her on dates once in a while so little bug and i can take our sweet time recovering (in front of the boob tube) at home. || indian cotton prefold diapers. we didn’t use these as diapers for ramona. we used them as spit up rags, leaky boob rags, shit-i-spilled-my-much-deserved-margarita-on-the-sleeping-baby rags. they are in handy piles all over the house. || coveted things sketchy arrows blanket. little bug is going to have enough hand-me-downs from ramona. a dear friend gave this to me at my mother blessing and it’ll be baby’s very own special swaddle blanket. ramona’s is the aden + anais peacock blanket. || the snuggle-me co-sleeper. i can’t think of anything better for families that want to bed-share. this is a soft, organic pillow that is situated right in bed with you that snuggles the little one just right and elevates her enough that you won’t fear rolling over her. ramona felt right at home in this thing. || sakura bloom sling. this is a great way to ease into baby wearing and carrying. unlike other wraps and carriers, the sakura bloom can be used with itty-bitties. i love mine and can’t wait to have a new little squish to carry around in it. || bkr water bottle. nursing makes me thirsty! and i also like things that look good. i love my bkr water bottle and i feel safe drinking out of it. i always keep one handy wherever i plunk down to nurse bc i know i’ll be parched as soon as baby starts eating. || my brest friend nursing pillow. i love this guy. it wraps around my body and secures so i don’t have to worry about it moving around. some may find it bulky but i liked how it kept me propped up and gave me more use of my hands. ||

what newborn necessities did you have for your little one? what am i missing?



  1. conni says:

    My go to gifts (and what I will have on hand for this next one) are: swaddlers, pacis, nipple cream

  2. Sarah C. says:

    I’m loving this little series! I seriously looked EVERYWHERE for something like that snuggle me cushion when Judah was itty bitty. He slept with us but Thomas was always nervous about rolling over him. Thanks for posting about it…. definitely buying it for this babe!

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