when my parents were here they helped us build this amazing penned-in area that included the shed in our backyard. we eventually want to get two nigerian dwarf goats for milk and we were also sick of having the nowhere to put the chickens (besides the entire yard) and having them poop all over the place. so up went cedar posts and welded wire fencing. we put the chicken coop within this area so they would have a place to sleep at night as well as a contained area to forage. like i mentioned before, we pour all our compost in here and their shuffling about in the straw helps to break all of that extra goodness down. next year we are going to have the most awesome dirt.
the shed was here when we first moved in. it was spray painted a horrible red so i took some leftover paint from our house (the people we bought it from graciously painted the whole house for us before we moved in) and painted it a nice creamy white. however, the doors had to be removed to meet FHA standards (they were chipping and contained lead-based paint). so even though our shed was painted nicely, it had no doors. white. trash.
jonathan built two new doors. the one on the left is a regular door to hide our tool and garden shed. the door on the right (the side that currently houses our tandem, tall bike, and cruiser, as well as supplies for the noble swine supper club) has a top and bottom to open up separately for livestock.
the chickens love it. otto especially loves it because now we actually keep the doggy door open and he has 24/7 access to a large yard and refreshing grass and shade.
all that needs to be done now is add some extra siding and finishing touches to the fence and paint the doors to match the shed and hardware (crossbeams will be an ultra black exterior paint and the paneling will be the creamy white used on the house and shed).
just waiting on those goats after that!

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