instead of watching the state of the union address last night, governor hickenlooper was celebrating him and his wife’s anniversary at root down.

i am proud to say i was the one that got to bring them their celebratory glasses of bubbles.

on his way out i shook his hand and told him i’m excited for the next four years.

“yeah. let’s hope i don’t fuck it up.”

what a cool guy.


2 Responses to name dropping

  1. molly says:

    What a sweet story, Em. Matt and I have to visit Root Down soon, we've heard nothing but praise. And did you recognize Hickenlooper or did someone point him out?

  2. emily says:

    hickenlooper had a reservation under his name. i think that's the only way i would know him. i know his voice from interviews on npr and the train at DIA but i had no idea what he looked like until then.


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