nanna magoo (aka, anna) came to visit from yakima and brought some stumptown love with her.

we had both been to crema earlier that day and were inspired by noah’s exquisite pulls. anna is a barista herself and told me that all it takes is a little patience and a lot of love to pour the perfect cup of coffee. so she taught me by doing a cupping for me.

add boiling water to freshly ground coffee beans in french press.

let sit undisturbed for two minutes.
cut the top w a spoon.
close your eyes and inhale the amazing aroma.
stir, let sit for two more minutes with plunger piece resting on top.
plunge slowly, slowly, slowly. pour ALL of it immediately into coffee cups or a carafe. do not let it sit in the press as that will make it not taste how it should.
sip out of delightful coffee cups.


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