last summer, we used to do dinner at zach and nicole’s almost once a week. this summer we were all swallowed up with multiple wedding trips and new jobs and so, sadly, have not gotten together for any of these family dinners. nicole finally whipped us all into shape, nailed down a date, and set a beautiful table for us to dine at. we shared bruschetta with peaches and gorgonzola, whole roasted tomatoes, and tender juicy pork loin. brandon cracked out the bisquick and made the very best blackberry cobbler i’ve ever had in my life.

oliver, the cutest and most rambunctious puppy ever, peeks out from under the table.

jonathan and i, probably arguing about our stance on homeschooling.

i love my friends and good food.

2 Responses to long lost family dinners

  1. suejean says:

    I am so jealous and I miss this so much.

  2. Dave and Marcie says:

    great grandpa driver's blackberry cobbler – is AMAZING. Papa made it for the Welch'es and they now have adopted it as "grandpa driver's cobbler". The dinner looked wonderful –

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