what a beautiful bride susan made!
i picked out a breastfeeding-friendly dress from anthropologie for this event. it had only been 5 weeks since ramona’s birth when i wore it but, i will say, it’s hard to see me in photos still about 20 lbs over pre-pregnancy weight. i’ve been experiencing the same issues as andrea over at maiden metallurgist: breastfeeding does burn about 500 calories a day but in order for me maintain my milk supply i need to eat about that much more each day! this does not add up to less input and more output (the only weigh to lose weight, as we all know). i have embraced all changes making and having a baby entails but now i just want my body back.
of course, jp’s angle doesn’t bring out my most flattering figure (like a turtle). and you know what? i feel great, overall.
we had arrived to chicago that day and ramona had done fabulous on the plane and had done great while we grabbed lunch at the butcher and larder. we then went to my dear friend tara’s house where we were staying for the night. tara was going to an engagement party that evening so, like old times in high school, her and i crammed into the bathroom and primped and prepped for our nights out. the last thing i did: rolled perfume on my wrists and my neck. oops.
ramona is not a fussy baby. but that night, at the most unique and classy wedding i have ever been to–holy crap–she was a demon child. she screamed and warbled and would barely eat and was just so upset. i spent most of my time glued to the couch in the powder room of the womens bathroom at the stan mansion trying to soothe her. that was the worst idea because, we finally figured out after i’d missed dinner and cake, she wanted nothing to do w me. i reeked of perfume and this pissed her off. where was her mama?! she was wondering. i smelled nothing like the woman with milk-boobs she was used to. what on earth had i been thinking? i wear her in a wrap most of the time and her head is right around my neck and chest level. silly, stupid me.
jp came to the rescue. when i was near tears and demanding we leave he calmly took her from me, reminded me why we had come to chicago in the first place (this very wedding) and rocked her to sleep. i was not to go near her until after i had showered and certainly not before i was able to enjoy a drink (tito’s and soda, thankyouverymuch). i had a drink, chatted w the bride, and then we made our way to the logan square blue line stop, ramona dead to the world in jp’s arms. 
i was so so proud of him. usually i take over in baby freak-outs but this certainly was his time to shine. he not only soothed ramona but his hysterical wife, as well.
we got back to tara’s darling bucktown apartment and i immediately showered.  afterward, dressed for bed, i found my little bean, scooped her up, and inhaled her baby-smell deeply as she nuzzled her face in my neck. we fell asleep like this.

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  1. melinda sue says:

    i was SO ALWAYS starving when i was nursing. ALWAYS. i would wake up in the middle of night starving, and have to get a snack. people must just deprive their bodies to lose weight while nursing. i lost my baby weight before i left the hospital (i only gained 15 pounds) but a year later…(and even 30 pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight) i am sad to announce my body still looks like it did the day i came home from the hospital. pregnancy has completely changed my body, and it isn't great…

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