the first thing people asked me after ramona and i got to wherever we were going was “how did she do on the plane?” i was so nervous about flying with her and very thankful that jp was going to be with us on her first plane ride.

well, ramona did great! she slept during take-off and landing, woke up to play for a little bit, ate like a champ, played some more, and then passed out. there were some cute baby squawks but no warbling or screaming or relentless crying. phew.

the next two flights were sans jp. chicago to minneapolis she did essentially the same thing as denver to chicago: slept, played, ate, slept. piece of cake!

minneapolis to denver was a little bit different. she woke up shortly before the plane readied to depart and so i nursed her. she continued nursing after take-off and then was up and awake ready to play. she was a little more fussy this time. this changed as soon as she unloaded in her diaper. it was her first blow-out. on a plane, of course. it soaked up her onesie and, because i didn’t realize this until i got to the bathroom to change her, it soaked onto the wrap when i sat her in the seat to get out the wipes and diapers. sweet.

a little before landing she let me wrap her up and she passed out and stayed that way until we got to crema to say hello to papa. good girl.

her behavior on the airplane may set a high standard. but i will tell you that whenever we reached our destination, this all changed. she is a terror. all bets are off and this little bean needs to decompress. and decompress she does: fussiness, fussy eating, fussy sleeping, fits and starts, no fun for mama at all. especially when i was hoping to take her to a noble swine dinner held at crema the night we got home. yeah. right.

it takes her about a full day to get over whatever she was holding in while traveling (as if she knew her mama needed her to behave and she was sitting on her hands and biting her tongue the whole time, just for me) and readjusting to normalcy. whatever normalcy is.

fussy or angelic, i’ll go anywhere with you, my ramona bean.

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  1. The Maiden Metallurgist says:

    Look at her! She looks really with it!

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