before jonny and michelle headed on their six month trip around the world, they had a stint in colorado for a wedding they were shooting. lucky for us, we got to have them over for a meal at our home in denver before they headed to the more mountainous parts of colorado. unfortunately, we didn’t get many photos of the event. but jonny did use my camera (a knock-off compared to his beautiful equipment) to take this photo of michelle and i enjoying wine and some internet-ing. (we had just finished some awesome cream cheese wontons made by my jonathan, as evidenced by the empty sushi plates in front of us!).they didn’t even live near us, but i am certainly going to miss them.

here is their itinerary in case you had any doubts of how bad-ass they are:

Nov 4-16 Lima, Peru
Nov 16-27 Santiago, Chile
Nov 27-Dec 15 Buenos Aires, Argentina and Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dec 15- Dec 29 Lusaka, Zambia
Dec 29- Jan 13 Nairobi, Kenya
Jan 13- Jan 27 Cairo, Egypt
Jan 27- Feb 10 Istanbul, Turkey
Feb 10- Feb 24 Athens, Greece
Feb 25- Mar 11 Mumbai, India
Mar 11- Apr 1 Bangkok, Thailand and Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Apr 2- May 1 New Zealand
May 1: Come home to Minneapolis


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