if you wanna see ramona smile real big, sing her the itsy bitsy spider. sing it deliberately, a bit high-pitched, and with a gigantic smile on your face.

dido (jp’s father) took this one step further and played itsy bitsy spider with some jazz funk on his piano. she loved it. until she got fussy. and then she was over it. but mostly she loved it.

he’s a talented piano player who has an ear for music. i cannot wait for him to introduce her to the beauty of music.

marcie: i realize now i could have no complete understanding of the love you have for me until i was a mother. i now get it.
amy: thanks for all your help, neighbor! your wit and honesty has been a breath of fresh air and a welcome break during those crazy days. keep writing.  
jenny: motherhood certainly is so fulfilling. i can’t wait to see more of you and elsa and avery! 


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