i never win anything. promise.

so imagine my delight when i received an email from leigh over at marvelous kiddo informing me i had won the sakura bloom limited edition pixie sling giveaway she was hosting on her blog! i was thrilled, esp since it was on our wishlist to have a beautiful and beautifully made sling with which to wear little bean.
sakura bloom makes really quality products and it’s a good thing we won the sling as there’s no way our budget could afford those luxurious prices! we choose the rock candy color: a little bit of blue and a little bit of purple to accommodate either a girl or boy. what are you little bean?!
here is a sneak peek of it when the sling arrived in the mail. next time you see that puppy, it’ll have a little bean in it!

as long as little bean likes the idea as much as we do, JP and i will be practicing the art of baby-wearing. this means, essentially, we will carry little bean on our bodies as much as possible. this is in contrast to lugging the baby in the car seat to go in and out of places, primarily using a stroller to transport the baby, or plopping the baby in a swing or baby seat whenever we want to do things non-baby related. sure! there will, of course, be times where the baby is not in our arms. but, by and large, we plan to keep him close so that little bean can observe more daily going-ons, be close to our voices, be warmed by our body heat, be soothed by our smells, and learn about life from chest height.

thanks marvelous kiddo and sakura bloom!

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