last saturday, for my birthday, jp took me to the horseshoe market. it’s a fun little market that’s sorta like etsy: all handmade or vintage goods. friends of mine from root down were selling vintage goods and handmade jewelry and i wanted to browse the other wares as well. there were some great booths and it was really fun to see this side of denver. i was really into the vintage and thrifting scene in chicago but have mostly stuck to myself since i’ve moved here. time to get out! look at all the goodies i brought home:
a faux bois bib for little bean, sister hipster

letter holders (to be painted black and hung on the front room wall)

vintage plastic bead earrings, nana pat project

zipper earrings, tinkerbirds

a present for my mama from nana pat project
on october 1st, ollie’s will be having a booth at the fall market there. i can’t wait! i have only sold my goods on etsy, garage sales and craigslist. this should hopefully get me motivated to get some branding done, some business cards made, and some inventory organized and bulked up. i better see you there.

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