by now you who follow us know that i, emily, am a dedicated follower of the blog BackGarage, one of the best resources for secondhand shopping and thrifting and designing in the chicago and midwest area. i’m thrilled to be able to bring pieces of BackGarage to denver by being a bi-weekly guest blogger (see here and here). ANYWHO, imagine my delight when katherine of BackGarage recently awarded me an Honest Scrap award. Not quite sure i know what an Honest Scrap is but i’m honored to be given it, esp by katherine.

and here is the image i yanked from katherine’s site:


there are a couple of guidelines being the recipient of this honor:

–say thanks with a link to the awarder. thanks, katherine!
–share ten “honest” things about myself
—-then award this to seven other blogs i admire, who i find brilliant on content and/or design, or for those who have encouraged me.

ten honest things about me
1. i am really quite shy. i make up for this by being talkative. weird, i know.
2. in junior high school i was in synchronized swimming. believe it or not, it was the cool thing to do.
3. jonathan and i met and married in 10 months. we decided this would be so after the second day.
4. i will listen to any music i can sing or dance to. this includes the dixie chicks and jock jams.
5. i have a tendency to take loose rolls of toilet paper from bars for fun. we went a year before we had to buy our own.
6. i mentored a young refugee mother from burundi. i learned a lot more from her than she could ever learn from me.
7. i love, and i mean love, doughnuts and french fries. coconut and with mayo, respectively.
8. i’m related to phyllis diller. she’s my paternal grandfather’s cousin or second cousin. her maiden name is driver.
9. our next pet is going to be nigerian dwarf goat. i’m not sure how otto or the chickens will feel about that.
10. i slaughtered a goat for a feast when i was in africa. i was vegetarian at the time.

seven blogs i keep going back to
1. baker, caker, pastry maker a co-worker of jonathan’s who makes the most delicious sweet things.
2. daily sightings this young man takes crisp and story-filled photos.
3. eja photo her photos make me want to get married all over again (same guy, new inspiration)
4. pacing the panic room honest glimpses into a new family and fatherhood
5. the habit of being a reminder to slow down and notice the small stuff
6. something’s hiding in here incentive to get crafty
7. door sixteen good design and decoration.
(8. and of course, BackGarage!)

what are your favorite blogs?

questions, comments, feedback? please leave a note for me below. i'd love to hear from you!