it’s been hot here the past couple days in denver. we’ve had to take care to water our garden and pots of herbs early and well in the morning before the sun’s heat sets in. we also have to ensure the first ladies have plenty of water and shade. in high temperatures, it’s not good to handle hens as it stresses them out and can affect egg production. they are only able to cool down via panting (like dogs do) or by flapping their wings to get air moving around them and interacting with them unnecessarily means they have to spend their energy freaking out instead of chilling out. during the hottest part of the day they congregate behind the four large tree stumps in our yard for shade and protection.

the other day, however, when i was out to do some yard work and egg collecting, they decided to follow me around (lately, where i am with a hoe means that’s where lots of earthworms and garden bugs are). they settled in around the tomato plants, jackie and junebug taking dust baths to clean and rid themselves of any mites or pests that were trying to make a home in their luxurious feathers. junebug used this opportunity to rest whilst the other three traipsed around me and the compost bin catching flies and scratching in the dirt.

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