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miss etta z,

you are quiet. you are calm. you are patient.

you are wide awake, miss wide eyes. and then, just like that, you are fast asleep for long stretches. i’m not going to count my chicks before they hatch but this is a good start.

so far, everything is so good. you nurse like a champ. you love to be worn. you prefer to be swaddled. you go with the flow. you take a pacifier (which is odd for me since ramona didn’t until she weaned). people say you look like me! i love hearing this. i am most often holding you.

there will be more letters, baby girl. and longer ones. i promise. right now, we’re adjusting to the four of us. but let me tell you this: you were always meant to be here and to be a part of this family. we cannot even remember what it was like without you and it all just makes sense. welcome.

i love you.

love, mama.

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One Response to HARRIET || ONE MONTH

  1. meg says:

    LOVE her. And growing so fast! Enjoy your adjustment time and hoping your getting back into your rhythm! I adore your beautiful letters to your girls, they always get me right in that soft spot and make me want to go wake up my kids and give them hugs and cuddles. Which I WON’T do, because you know how that always backfires… 🙂

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