my mother describes my birth as quick, easy and oh-so nice. that’s because the windows were open on a fine spring day and she could hear the birds chirping my arrival.
i was a bitty one. that might be because for the first handful of weeks of my life in utero i shared my mother’s womb with a twin. after my mother lost one of us in the late first trimester, she stayed in bed for weeks with the confidence that i would survive and thrive (though doctors told her different). i praise God for her stubbornness. well, most of the time.
this is me at one.

today i turn 26 years old.
here’s to another year. and the anticipation of giving forth life of my own.
and to presents. may there always be presents.

3 Responses to happy birthday

  1. Dave Driver says:

    Wonderful series of pics, Lu. You were a precious one. Happy Birthday.

  2. Marcie says:

    Love the post . . . love you, always.

  3. ROBERT says:

    Your papa sent me your current blog and it is a very sweet one. It truly does honor your mother and she certainly deserves it. (She's very special in my eyes, too). Next year will be your turn for a Mothers' Day celebration. Sixty-five days, more or less….. Love you, Ems!

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