Hello, my dear internet cosmos! It’s MEL here from At D’s Suggestion. Emily invited me to come hang out with you today and I’m so excited to be here.

With the holidays right around the corner, I’ve got Santa on the brain. Let’s be honest–there’s nothing like the thrill of unwrapping. You know what I mean: hands shaking, heart racing, eyes bulging, sweat collecting on your forehead as you struggle to pry off the layers of packing tape that your overprotective relatives used to trap your treasure. Yes, I know, I got your Christmas morning scene down to a tee.

Anyway, the only thing better than the “war of the wrapping” is searching for that perfect little treasure to stuff into your bullet-proof packaging and send off to your favorite family and friends. Here’s what I’m buying this year:

  1. For my demure-yet-adventurous best friend:  OLO Violet/Leather fragrance
  2. For my sweet sisters who are the best moms I know:  Nora Kogan ring
  3. For the artistically-inclined newest addition to the family:  Themis Mobile
  4. For my wily nephews:  Dwell Studio badger
  5. For my coffee-adict uncle:  Stumptown cold brew
  6. For my Mr. (a.k.a. the hippest doctor in town):  General Knot & Co. wool necktie

For more gift ideas, visit my ever-expanding collection here.

Happy gifting!


dear readers, click through to at d’s suggestion to say hello to MEL, the only other lady i know who starts planning her christmas gifts as early as i do! you can also see a guest post of mine on her blog regarding top things to do in denver.

thanks, MEL! it was so fun sharing my space with you today. 



  1. MEL says:

    Thanks for letting me hang out here today, Emily! Hope the opening went well tonight–we’re gonna shoot for a date night there this weekend! xoxo

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