this year jp and i bought our grab-bag tin of seeds from baker creek. we’ve never planned our harvest so far in advance and were giddy to begin. after we organized the seeds, made a planting chart, and gathered all the appropriate tools, jp and i headed out on a shady tuesday afternoon to the gardens to sow some seeds. jp and i were astounded by how unique many of the seeds look. we’ve never had such a variety in our possession so we were squealing with delight over how exotic seeds from simple veggies can look.

we use square foot gardening to plan our plantings and we’ve found that it really makes weeding quite easy. additionally, it makes the most use of small space and seems to increase the bounty. last year we didn’t plant too much: some tomatoes, squashes, greens (most bolted), cabbage (which failed us), zucchini (was coming out of our ears) and some other miscellaneous green goodies. this year, there’s a whole lot more variety and we’re using discarded crib sides we found in the alley to train our pea and bean vines. we’re quite proud of our head start.
we use planting mix that we get from the local landscape supply store and we supplement that with nutrient-rich soil from our chicken pen (which is our compost bin). thank you, ladies.
can’t wait to see what bounty we get!

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