it is no secret: jp and i like to eat. and chicago, as we all know (this is not up for debate), is the best food city in the u.s. of a. so sunday, the day after the wedding, jp and i (w ramona too!) set out to conquer some food gods, old and new. we started at lovely and then meandered up milwaukee ave, skipping the el at division and wandering into wicker park. we window shopped and considered the brunch-crowds (glad we weren’t part of them) and completely over-caffeinated ourselves. we asked each other why we had not taken advantage of more great eateries when we actually lived here? no good reason really. suckers.

tacos, tecate, and tequila at big star

and this was just the beginning. later that day we dined at avec and longman & eagle (i was distracted by the good company of great friends at the last two places and so forgot to instagram the moments).


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