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my parents were recently in town. every time they come to visit we make sure to make a trip up to boulder. usually we time it with the farmers’ market. we extended our stay up there this time, getting in a full late morning and early afternoon of adventures. we’ll most likely never live in boulder (but if we found some land we could afford on the outskirts of it, that might be a different story) but we love taking day trips up there as it has such a different feel than denver. here’s what we did that day that i’d highly suggest for any family with (or without!) little ones:

  • start at the boulder creek. dip your toes in it. picnic in the shade of the trees (there’s also many grassy spots for frisbee throwing etc along the banks).
  • then walk along the river path down to the boulder farmers’ market (saturday mornings and wednesday evenings). pick up fresh, local, organic produce for your dinner.
  • finish up your visit with a refreshing visit to the small splash pad along the pearl street mall. make sure your little one either has a swim diaper or swimsuit as they’re required (or be willing to sacrifice your child’s clothes, as we did!).

what day trips do you take to get outta your town?

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  1. Jillian says:

    While this is more of a western slope day trip (quite a hike from Denver!), Zac and I love going to Palisade! They have the most amazing distillery – Peach Street Distillers. It is a MUST VISIT. We like to go to Riverbend Park which has a great frisbee golf course shaded by gorgeous cottonwoods and great views of the mesa, lunch at Palisade Brewing Company, and then have an assortment of cocktails at Peach Street. On the way home, we stop and pick up fresh, local fruits from Z’s Orchard. They have the BEST peaches. You could also bike tour to the seemingly limitless wineries – though I myself find Palisade wines to be a bit too on the sweet side and prefer Paonia’s assortment for this sort of thing. But that’s a whole ‘nuther day trip! Maybe I should guest blog for you about day-tripping out here in the rural country! ;)~

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