erica and chicky and finn came to denver to visit ramona and me! here are some phone photos erica took of the day. she was a big help in handling little bean while we ran some errands (she swears ramona smiled at her in the dept store dressing room) and went to the pool. 
i got a photo and video of my brave niece who didn’t think twice when i pointed out a snake in the grass near the pool and immediately snatched it up. she let me name it stan and didn’t ever want to let it go. she is awesome.
chicky and little cruiser were in love with ramona and so interested in her. it was really neat to watch. chicky saw me feeding bean and asked why she was eating me. she kept running to the pool and would immediately turn around to return and check on how little bean was doing. finn followed her lead petting her and giving her kisses. they are going to be great cousins.


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