there is little in life better for breakfast than a doughnut. and, unfortunately, there are absolutely zero good doughnut places in denver. zilch. this is not even an exaggeration. winchell’s has got to be the most depressing place on earth, lamar’s is constantly hit or miss (and it’s a chain), and there’s a shall-remain-nameless independent doughnut shop that doesn’t seem to care that their donuts lack flavor, moisture, and inspiration. i cannot even bring myself to link to these places bc, as an avid doughnut lover, i am so disappointed.

lucky me i have man that likes to tinker in the kitchen. late one night jp got the harebrained idea to make doughnut batter for the next morning. well, he did it. and the next morning he woke up early to get the oil sizzling and fried those SOBs. omg. so good. the first ones came out a little too brown as he had the oil too hot and they fried too fast on the outside. but he adjusted the oil’s temp and the next batch came out moist and delicious. old boy even put chevre in the batter to satiate my need for a sour cream doughnut (the closet ingredient to sour cream we had in our fridge). amazing and scrumptious.

we have a couple of ideas up our sleeves for sharing these with the denver masses. stay tuned.


One Response to doughnuts

  1. Holly says:

    Yes please! Your photo made me drool a little bit and now I'm seriously craving donuts…if you want to share them, the denver masses will be happy to eat them.

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