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by now you’ve most likely heard a little bit about crema coffee house. last year, jp partnered with noah (the original owner) to build out a kitchen and create a food menu for this already highly-reputable coffee shop. it’s been a labor of love and a dream come true for jp (and me) to be involved in this amazing food/drink brand and entrepreneurial community. additionally, it’s extremely satisfying and inspiring to see my husband–who works so hard– finally in a supportive business partnership and have the opportunity to be his own boss and have a ton of creative control, while also getting to collaborate with some of the most brilliant and artistic minds around denver.

so, to celebrate jp and crema and the new year and the new blog (phew! lots going on!) and to thank you all for reading and–even if silently–cheering on our little family and our going-ons, i’m giving one reader a $20 gift certificate to crema (employees not eligible, sorry guys).

simply leave a comment below telling me two things:

  1. what’s your coffee drink of choice?
  2. what food item sounds most delicious to you at crema? (hint: menu is on crema’s blog)

giveaway is open to anyone not employed by crema coffeehouse, anywhere (everyone eventually makes it to denver) until 9:00 PM mountain time, thursday, january 5. i’ll announce the winner the next day.

spread the word. spread the love.


12 Responses to crema loves you [giveaway closed]

  1. DJM says:

    1) Chemex single serving coffee
    2) Pork Belly Bahn Me

    (You can just put the gift card on indefinite hold till I pass through Denver next)

  2. EBDriver says:

    1) Mocha (don’t hate me)
    2) Breakfast burrito!

  3. mld says:

    macchiato and ANY quiche!

    If I lived in Denver – I’d have breakfast at crema everyday.

  4. Kelsey says:

    I love a dark roast cafe au lait and I’d order the five-spice granola and the beet salad, yum! Lovely new website, happy new year!

  5. Jhockzeimet says:

    1.) Herkimer Black
    2.) Sweet Potato Waffles. Hands Down.

    Seattle loves you.

  6. amy says:

    1. coffee
    2. burrito

    de nada.

  7. B Pro says:

    I’m a latte man and I eat the bahn mi.

  8. Kristen says:

    1. I like an au lait with caramel, I don’t know if this drink has a fancy name, I call it au lait with caramel.

    2. The PBJ is/was/probably will continue to be delicious. Thanks to Jon for letting us taste on Monday!

  9. robin says:

    yum! latte and a quiche for sure.

  10. emily says:

    comments closed. we have a winner!

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