i haven’t had many cravings during my pregnancy (cap’n crunch is the only specific thing i’ve requested and i still eat eggs and chocolate milk each morning). in general, i just crave food and i want it right when i want it. one time, i was in bed–face washed and teeth brushed and lights off–when i got up to get pita chips and hummus as well as leftover pizza and ranch dressing.
most recently, i woke up when jp came home and realized i was STARVING. our fridge was pretty bare but jp had the idea of heating up the savory green-chili waffles he had made earlier that week and top it with cream cheese. then i had the idea to put maple syrup on top of all of that. yum-oh. together, him and i make some pretty fantastic concoctions.
this photo is of me, STILL LAYING DOWN, leaning over the side of the bed eating. you really can only get away with that when you are pregnant.

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