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dear ramona,

your best friend, max, recently turned two (thus the cookie cake), and you’re not far behind. it’s crazy to think about how fast these two years have gone by — a cliche i’ve tried to avoid saying aloud. but it’s true. it’s absolutely insane how fast the time flies by. and i’m trying to bottle all these moments up and hold onto them bc i freaking love this stage. that’s another cliche i used to roll my eyes at: other parents told me that each new stage of your growth just gets more and more fun. but what could be more fun than a little squish bundled up tight to my chest or back?! but they were right. while i miss those squish days, this stage –this one where you are a walking, talking, bundle of learning and funny opinions and saying “no” on repeat even though you actually mean yes, and wanting your independence while also mimicking every single thing we say and do– this stage is so hilarious and fun and, yes, my favorite so far.

don’t get me wrong: with these new stages and delights there are some days where time drags on and i look so so forward to your bedtime and my quiet-me-time. days where the hours doesn’t go quite fast enough for me and you cling just a little too much when i’m just trying to get a plate of food ready for your little (picky) belly. some days, bedtime seems ages away and the wine comes out a little lot earlier than dinner time. here’s where another cliche comes in: it’s not you. it’s me. usually. some days i just did not get the sleep i needed or there is just a ton on my plate or i could really use a change of scenery but nap times and errands and conflicts just don’t allow. and you might be going through the same things. and our flow, which is usually so great, just isn’t quite happening. and that’s ok. and i can tell you from experience w my mama, that’s how it goes sometimes. but i love you to the moon and back and cross my heart i’ll take all those slow, hard days over and over again just to be w you and be your mama. seriously.

i love you, bean. keep doing what you’re doing. i’ll be here for always. love, mama.

a portrait of ramona, once a week, every week, in 2013. inspired by jodi’s project.

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