later that afternoon, after all the good food we had eaten, the three of us met tessa and dorian* at avec. tessa is a fabulous photographer and agreed to take some shots. here are some she snagged of papa and ramona after our fabulous shared-small-plate lunch. 

pre-pacifier (more on that later) ramona would always be a bit fussy post-eating and right before she fell asleep. rarely does she fall asleep on the boob. her routine is more of eat a ton, play a ton, and then get extremely grumpy before she passes out for a good, long nap. jp discovered that his finger is a good way to get her to settle down when mama and the wrap isn’t readily available. that’s why he has his thumb in her mouth in all of these photos: ramona’s figuring out how to fall asleep and jp’s trying to avoid a meltdown. the teamwork works!

it’s crazy to look at these photos taken only three weeks ago (ramona was eight weeks on friday!) and see how much she has grown and developed. her thighs and arms have more rolls, her hair has lightened, her hands have found her mouth, her eyes track things a bit more observantly (today she discovered [or finally cared about] the mobile above her swing), and she makes noises other than crying (coos and conversational squawks).

*these two deserve a post of their own and will get one. i’m nervous about writing it, unsure if i will be able to convey their awesomeness.


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