it’s -11 out with a high of 1. chickens are pretty hardy and their down feather jackets would probably be ok in this heinous weather. but, just to be safe, we lugged them inside to our claw-foot tub where we bedded them down w some clean towels and a fresh can of water. we don’t have electricity in our shed in the backyard (a project for next summer) so until we can hang up a nice warming light in there, we’ll be making a bird-bath bed in the clean-up is not fun and our tiny basement bathroom does not have the best ventilation. but it gets the job done and we don’t have to worry about frostbite on their pretty red combs.


One Response to chickens in the tub

  1. Marcie says:

    Grandpa would be so proud . . . just grandpa! I love it.

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