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|| the red tent, by anita diamant || this is my second time reading the red tent. it’s incredible really. reading of the rituals and rites and celebrations and griefs of these women following the lines of the women before them (though it’s historical fiction) heightens the pride and honor and blessing i feel to be both a woman and a mother.

|| the lion’s roar, by first aid kit || i’m annoying jp by listening to this album over and over again. i may just run out the grooves on the record i recently bought. but ramona digs it too, bobbing her head to the folky tunes of these two young swedish sisters who have a knack for some pretty great lyrics.

what books have you read more than once? what albums do you play over and over?

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please welcome melanie, from You Are My Fave.

Since the title of Emily’s blog is based on a public radio show I thought I’d share some favorite episodes of one of the best public radio shows, This American Life. Turn one of these on the next time you’re doing mundane work, cleaning the house, or traveling your daily commute.

  • Switched At Birth While listening to this episode you will have to keep on reminding yourself it’s true and not a Lifetime movie. You’ll wonder for days what you would do if you were in your 40s and found at you were switched at birth.
  • Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time I mostly love this episode for the story of the Riverdance cast and the lottery. That’s all I really need to say because come on, it involves Irish dancing, how can it not be awesome?
  • Matchmakers Another episode where I mostly love it for one story, this time it’s about an actress working at the doll nursery of FAO Schwartz. Just listen and you’ll see.
  • Middle School This episode will bring you straight back to the most awkward stage of your life. You’ll want to cover your face in embarrassment the whole time but then you’ll laugh and remember you don’t ever have to go through that again.
  • Original Recipe While listening to this I found myself rooting for the TAL team, hoping the Coke recipe that was found is the real thing. Mostly because I wanted a stick to the man ending.

 image: Christine Berrie

thanks, melanie! these are great favorites. and i think listening to radio stories together as a family is a perfect activity to include in the advent calendar. perhaps along with some popcorn and cider?