here’s our bedroom. well, the bed portion.
here’s what is gonna happen before little bean arrives:
–paint walls, ceiling and trim a basic satin white (and yes, that ugly crack on the wall)
–paint floors white
–hem curtains for window and closet
–steam clean rug
–buy a bed (we have this one in mind. too bad ikea doesn’t open here until july 27th)
–rearrange bedroom back to original plan (bed NOT shoved into the corner)
–add some art to the walls
–find the perfect spot for little bean’s cradle (we’re thinking the end of the bed since most likely she’ll end up in bed with us).
–put in AC window unit (good thing our new windows are double-hung)
easy peasy.

in progress.


i know, i know: we’re already 4 months in. but i found a free printable calendar online that i wanted to share with you. you see, i follow apartment therapy’s 30-day guide to keeping your house clean (clean something different every day for 20 minutes!). i keep a monthly calendar on our fridge to check what it is i should be focusing on for the day. all the pdfs i have found are BORING. until i found this cute one from TomKat Studio. Enjoy!

Anyone else know of any great links to free downloadables made with great design in mind?

i’m so excited to announce that zach, from to and from greetings, is offering 20% off orders of custom cards to those who mention they saw him here, at a denver home companion!

see the post below for the amazing work he did for us.

with baby showers coming up i, of course, need thank you cards. i immediately thought of my friend, zach, who runs a custom greeting card shop called to and from greetings. visit him!

zach devised this design with pink and blue since we don’t know the gender of little bean. don’t you love how the Y really stands out? get it? (think back to biology class). he does beautiful work and takes pains to select fine paper and materials for his printing.
you can check out more of his work here and here. think about him next time you need some greeting cards.