A Denver Home Companion | bridge at 43rd and incaA Denver Home Companion | bridge at 43rd and incaA Denver Home Companion | bridge at 43rd and incaA Denver Home Companion | bridge at 43rd and incaA Denver Home Companion | bridge at 43rd and inca

on sunday, the three of us went exploring by bike. traipsing over to the other side of 38th, we wound through the business district and found ourselves along the railroad in the sunnyside neighborhood. though there are residential homes just one block over and a great panoramic of denver behind us, this area made us feel like we were in the middle nowhere. at 43rd and inca is an old foot bridge that has it’s original wood stairs (most likely from well before when scarecrow was filmed over here!). it looks like it’s fenced off –probably bc rickety-looking structures like this usually are– but it’s open to the public and is a great shortcut for getting to and fro sunnyside and globeville.

we’d heard about this place when researching the development plans that are happening along inca for the  38th and inca lightrail station slated for 2016. it’ll most likely be torn down and rebuilt w something a lot less, well, awesome looking. the whole bridge spans over a dozen rail tracks and, as mentioned, gives a pretty great view of downtown denver. we were in the stairwell when a train came zooming by, the conductor giving us a friendly hello w his whistle after he passed. it was exhilarating being not ten feet from it (as well as terrifying; i held on to miss mo so tight!).

if you bike denver or are into exploring interesting pockets of this fine city, i’d highly recommend heading that way. especially before that whole area is redeveloped. (scroll down through this blog post for a photo of the wooden stairwell and ideas of where to explore once in globeville).

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4 Responses to BRIDGE AT 43RD and INCA

  1. Crazy! Trev and I were just walking around Globeville the other night!
    See you tonight!

  2. love these shots! makes me miss denver…

  3. I love the photos you posted. What software did you use to assemble the pictures?

    • emily says:

      hi supersmartmama! i use diptych on my iphone to arrange them in various positions. it’s a super intuitive program. just use photos from your library. then i email those to my personal computer, download, upload, and voila!

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