jp was invited to see the fray play at red rocks on the friday of my birthday week. so of course we decided to make a big night of it. we got a babysitter for ramona, went to a fancy dinner at linger, and braved the rain and cold to the outdoor ampitheater. it was my first time at red rocks and jp’s first time there to see music performed. i’m glad lashley told me to pack a hat and mittens along with my rain jacket, otherwise i would have been miserable (and someone mentioned i shouldn’t even think of wearing my stilettos to a concert there: thank you!). i didn’t know at all what to expect and me, being the diva i can be, was expecting the friends & family section to maybe be, um, covered? but it wasn’t but we were bundled up and it was so so worth it. have you been to red rocks?! it is amazing and gorgeous and one of the best musical experiences despite any crappy weather.

i listened to how to save a life pretty much on repeat my junior year of college (along with james blunt’s back to bedlam and great lake swimmers’ self-titled [it was a very depressing year]) and so, though i’m not on the up and up with all the fray’s newer songs, it was really fun hearing the ones i know and love. they’re great performers and even did a mini concert on top of the sound stage (we were at the bottom of the sound stage to the side) where they played the three best songs of the night: be still (on their new album, scars and stories), how to save a life, and a cover of my favorite yeah yeah yeahs song, maps. yes, i have embedded them all here bc they are worth listening to, especially the first and last ones.

(in the background, if you watch this maps video, you will hear the sweet but very drunk los angelan next to me who throughout the night and especially during this song kept exclaiming “my mind is blown! my mind is being BLOWN!” sheesh.)

guys, i haven’t been to a concert in so long and it is still quite rare that i get to spend alone time w my main main. this was one special night! i even got my dancing moves on a little bit. afterward, we headed over to williams & graham for the after-party. i, of course, felt really cool and honored that we were invited to attend this event but, trust me, it’s not as cool when you have a baby waiting at home. the important people had just started arriving when we had to duck out to relieve our sitters of their charge and us of worsening hangovers in the morning. which means we pretty much hung out with each other until we had to go home. which was pretty sweet actually.

and actually, it wasn’t hangovers we had the next morning since we didn’t even drink that much. it was: we-are-too-old-for-staying-up-this-late hangovers. 1:30, y’all. i was in bed at 1:30. living. it. up. the following is the screen shot i took at the bar after jp and i gave each other high fives for living on the edge and staying out so late.

first ones to arrive. first ones to leave. classy. happy birthday to me! thanks for the sexy night out, jp. i love you.


7 Responses to birthday at red rocks

  1. suejean says:

    So fun! (Happy birthday again by the way.) Did you catch the opener? My friend Dia opened for them and she is amazing! I would have loved to have seen her play there.

  2. I’m cracking up at the thought of you all dolled up and in your stilettos at RR! Glad someone was around to talk some sense into you! I’m glad you finsally got to enjoy a show there.

  3. Holly says:

    I love Red Rocks…every summer, I tell myself that I have to go to more things there next year. I love Linger. I love Williams & Graham. Now I’m jealous, sounds like you had an awesome night!

  4. Jenny says:

    Emily–thank you for coming over today! The kids and I will trek over to your place next time–how about next Friday? If I remember, I will bring a special surprise for us… 🙂 After you left I remembered about 10 things I wanted to tell you, but they are about personal things, so this is not the place.

    Also, that scarf is even more beautiful in person! I hope to get my hands on one soon.

    And, you are a super cool woman and one of my favorite mamas.


    • emily says:

      look up for the scarf. it is so so beautiful and i love it and i want you to have one too 😉

      thanks for all the love. can’t wait to spend more time with you (p.s. this friday after 11:00 works well for us!)

  5. Lashley says:

    I take lots of pride in this post, since, in addition to telling you to bundle up, I’m pretty sure I also mentioned wearing practical shoes for the hike to your seats AND I managed to get that little stinker Ramona to sleep. Glad you got to have a fun birthday time! You earned it!

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