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base coat is offering one lucky (and local) reader of A Denver Home Companion $50 toward services at the new nail salon! yippee!

to enter to win, please leave a comment below on what your usual go-to nail colors are. you can also gain extra entries by sharing this giveaway and/or liking base coat on twitter, facebook, or instagram. just make sure to leave a comment back here when you do. the winner will be announced next friday, september 20.

which reminds me, i forgot to mention that base coat is doing the colors a bit differently: they offer the best five-free lines in many colors but are committed to keeping things fresh. the colors will change depending on the seasons, what’s spotted at fashion week, what’s hip, what’s not, what’s pushing the envelope. you’ll certainly find something you like and that suits you and you won’t be inundated with fifty shades of pink. you can rest assured that if it’s on their color wall, it’s gonna look good. you’ll also be encouraged to think outside of the box. they even did rothko-esque nails for an untitled final fridays at the dam. and i chose an olive green for my go around, aptly titled dirty martini by ncla.


25 Responses to BASE COAT [GIVEAWAY]

  1. I’ve been liking BC on instagram, facebook and twitter before i even realized who was even running the new company (so mysterious, so intriguing!). i can’t wait to go and make an appointment. i think i’d like to try some green hues this fall along with a mustardy yellow or burnt orange if possible. time to say goodbye to the seafoam greens and neon corals!

  2. Alexis says:

    I’m hooked on dark plums for my toes but enjoy exploring with grays and dark blues! Sounds like a stellar addition to the hood.

  3. J. Giunta says:

    Oh man, I can’t wait to check out this place. I haven’t painted my nails in a long time. I have finally stopped biting them. But, I will be moving soon, so lets see how long that lasts. For my toes, in the summer I usually go with neon pink.
    Oh, and I liked them on Facebook already. I’m stoked about the five-free thing they are doing. I just moved to CO, so I’m really glad to find out about places like this. Thanks for the info.

  4. Heather says:

    Thanks for this chance to win. I’m such a bore with my color choices, usually something reddish. But I’m open to anything!

  5. Tiffany Leong says:

    I am pretty boring with my colors and like a lot of opaque pastels, mostly pink. I think I could go dark purples too. I think I would like to try some variation of gold this fall. I have followed BC on Facebook and Instagram!

  6. I’m also hooked on dark plums. However, I am obsessing over the dark turquoise on Base Coat’s instagram from the Peter Som show. I need that color!

  7. MEL says:

    What I wouldn’t give for some pampering time! Especially at a rad local find like this. xo

  8. Lindsay says:

    Yay for Base Coat! So glad you wrote about them, otherwise it would have been months until I found them. Just had a baby and would love to have some “me” time!

  9. Lashley says:

    Yay! I usually run the extremes – dark dark reds (almost black… even for my wedding!) or soft pale pink on my fingernails. I’m somewhat more adventurous with my toes, but I haven’t been able to go green on them yet – afraid it will look like toenail fungus!

    LOVE the idea of having a curated selection of colors. I’m always standing there forever staring at bottles.

  10. Liza says:

    I have been following on Instagram tracking their progress for a little while now! Can’t wait for them to open! My go to color is RGBxHipp S1 on nails and whatever strikes my fancy on the toes!

  11. Morgan says:

    Boring, I know, but lately I’ve been going classic French on my nails. I get in a groove and it’s so quick and easy to redo every couple of days (I do it myself with a steady hand). Sloane insists on neon pink and Blythe will do any color I suggest as long as I put sparkles on top.
    I’m not local but I can come visit or more likely share with a mama friend in Denver who I know needs this!

  12. Anaya says:

    I usually go for corals or clear, boring! I’d love to check this nail salon out and possibly venture out of my color comfort zone!

  13. Anaya says:

    Followed on twitter!

  14. Anaya says:

    Followed on Instagram

  15. Anaya says:

    Liked on facebook

  16. Batya says:

    hi emily, here we go…i liked them on facebook and was already following base coat on instagram. i also found you on fb- does that do anything?:) my go-to-usual colors (for the times when I manage to have some down time, foist my kids on my husband, and get a mani) are: bright red, blue, dark green and purple. i wore gold at my wedding, which was kind of cool since my dress was blue! i’m so excited that base coat is in denver!

  17. Hannah says:

    I love Base Coat– there open house was really fun on Saturday. I am usually a nude, black or red kind of girl.

  18. fawn says:

    I tend to fluctuate between extremes depending on mood. I like the girly stuff like pink and tan, but am known to sport black, vermillion, and mint. I’m entering on behalf of my Denver-resident cousin who is a new mother in much need of some TLC and a well-deserved spa break. 😉

  19. Hails says:

    I’d drive up to Denver to get a decent pedicure. My go-to nail polish colors are always teal or mint.

  20. Christie zumBrunnen says:


  21. Lauren says:

    Almost always Red on my toes {98.99999% of the time anyways}, usually something brown or purple or smoky on my fingers mostly because it drives me nuts to have “stuff” under my nails, and this prevents me from seeing it and potentially going nuts – {see Emily i DO sometimes see your wonderful blog!! }

  22. Heather says:

    I usually let the seasons guide me, although black is always a year round go to. Brights in the summer and rich, warm colors in the fall/winter. I always try to do my toes and nails a different color, that way I am experiment more!!

  23. Fun! I am a strictly nude on my fingers kind of girl, but anything goes on my toes!

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