andrea came to town again and her and josh (nice to meet you!) and hen stopped by our home w the most amazing tamales for a visit. hen had been a champ w all that travelling and was desperate to get to a cozy, quiet bed at his grandparents’ so this visit was quick. we gorged on tamales, sipped some booze, and i got some more tutorials on other convenient wraps to try w ramona bean.

her and i posed for photos (or tried to, rather) and showed off our baby-carrying skills (sheesh those things are heavy and cumbersome).

thanks for the leftover tamales, guys! they were gone that night.

emily: oooh, sushi. i could definitely imagine going for that after delivering. great blog!
melinda: not sure if “gnom” is how you spell it but it’s sure what i picture in my head! maybe it’s bc ramona reminds me of a little gnome.


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