erica threw me a baby shower during my visit to minnesota. it was so lovely and she thought of such great little details.

table welcoming guests and nice paper for them to write encouraging notes to me
scandinavian-inspired balsa wood hearts that my mother and i made as gifts to the women
tulips (yay spring!) with a photo of my brother and i and my grandpa lantz’s old cowboy boots
price is right game about the cost of baby items.
mimosas (for them) and fruit juices for all.
erica made the wine glass tags out of trinkets from my mother’s junk jewelry box.
i love how my mother always has fresh flowers around the house. once spring really comes, the flowers will be from her own yard.
chicky and i could not get enough of each other.
grandma driver. how glorious she is!

auntie (my mother’s aunt) and aunt debbi
me, egg souffle, and michelle
guess who’s who!
jana (will be giving birth to little boy about 3 weeks after me!) and cindy
my own personal baker, alison. see the cupcakes below (she also did our wedding cake!)

chicky picked out the presents and helped me open them. how patient she was for a three-year old.
anna stopped by a little later for some lazy time on the couch and yoga demonstrations.
thanks to all the amazing women who came out to little bean’s celebration and showered us with wisdom, encouragement, and items to make sure little bean is taken care of. we love you!


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