dear beloved readers of this blog,

help a pregnant lady out. in a little under 4 weeks the arrival of little bean is imminent. for the past 40 weeks jp and i have been doing all the preparing we feel necessary. the room is ready. the changing table area set up. the diapers bought. the clutter thrown out. the birth kit stands at attention and the emergency phone numbers are on the fridge. i have my essential oils and birthing bandeau (treats to myself during labor) as well as witch hazel pads (some of you know what i am talking about) and a peri bottle for comfort. what i am missing is ambiance.  what i need is music.

my husband will tell you: i do not know music. i can listen to the same album over and over again (amy winehouse each and every morning when i lived on ainsley street in chicago) and mumford and sons every wine-induced friday with my dear friend lizzie. i am a broken record and know only a handful of tunes.

during my labor, i would love some good, soothing, encouraging music. i’m thinking a mixture of bon iver and portishead (does that combo even make sense?!) as well as other styles and genres to mix it up. some lovely, some energetic, some calm, some serious. all beautiful. what would you want to listen to in labor? or, if you aren’t there yet or don’t have the proper parts to ever be in labor, what would you suggest for times of intense concentration and inward-focusing (as well as moments of deep deep pain and primal groans–so i’m told)?

please. send me your love by sending your recommendations. i’d dearly appreciate it.

all my love,


3 Responses to audience participation required.

  1. Hails says:

    honestly, lots of beethoven and classical music. I used to listen to moonlight sonata on repeat (that song is over 14 minutes long) when I wrote papers in high school.

  2. suejean says:

    I can't imagine what it's like to be in labor, but when you say, "some lovely, some energetic, some calm, some serious. all beautiful." Here are some artists/songs that come to mind:
    For classical – Clair de lune (Debussy), Nocturne in E flat (Chopin), Nella Fantasia, Nessun Dorma, Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro), I Dreamed A Dream, (for these think contemporary opera singers like Paul Potts/Susan Boyle/Bocelli).
    Others – New Amsterdams, Rocky Votolato, Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack (iTunes), Rachael Yamagata, Ryan Adams, Rily Kiley, The Postal Service, Bright Eyes, Arcade Fire, Elliott Smith, Feist, Damien Rice, The Decemberists, Rufus Wainright, Jeff Buckley, Iron & Wine, Belle & Sebastian, Wilco, Regina Spektor, the Away We Go soundtrack, Stars, …

    I'm also going to take screenshots of some of my playlists and email it to you.

  3. Robin says:

    I made 2 birthing playlists, one of classical music (Vivaldi, Haydn, Handel, Bach & Gerwishin) and one of popular music (Imogen Heap, India Arie, Jack Johnson, Jane Monheit, Alexi Murdoch, Angelique Kidjo, Bebel Gilberto, Carmen Rodgers, Cyndi Lauper (acoustic), David Gray, Holly Conlan, Madonna (ray of light) & Norah Jones)
    Good luck…you will do great!!!

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