enjoying the last few moments with just ramona (she’s strapped to my back asleep to the world) and myself before max comes over. french press is nearly gone and i’m working my way through my google reader. 
i’ll be watching max mondays thru fridays. he’s a wonderful 5-month-old who certainly rivals ramona in the easy-going department. my days will be different though; it won’t just be ramona bean and me. and i’m really going to have to find a rhythm for caring for and entertaining and soothing two infants. i’m definitely going to have to adjust to not having as much “emily” time.
this opportunity is a blessing bc it means that i don’t have to go find a job outside of the home. it means jp and i don’t have to finagle our schedules to make sure she’s cared for. it means that i can continue to breastfeed and don’t have to worry about pumping. it means that i get to continue to be with my daughter (who needs me now more than she ever probably will).
any suggestions or advice or words of encouragement for me as i learn to care for two small babes? what activities can i do to make the time go by? 
ramona loves max. look at those smiles!

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