though i’ve lived most of my life in minnesota i don’t have a minnesota accent. not really. not as far as i can tell. i have some idioms i say that are totally minnesotan: duck, duck, gray duck (duck, duck, goose). ish (gross). rambler (ranch-style home). bagel (rhymes with haggle).

i recently stumbled upon this adorable blog, talia christine. in one of her posts she does an accent vlog, which, coupled with this week’s trip to the land of 10,000 lakes (at least 15,000 actually) inspired me to do the same. i’m totally nervous bc i don’t typically make videos of myself ever (i so, so cringe when i hear my voice on my iPhone videos) and jp was reading on the couch behind me so i had some extra stage fright.

so what do you think? do i sound minnesotan?

also, i really hope i’m pronouncing talia’s name right. wouldn’t that be ironic if i wasn’t.

thrifty thursday will return next week with ways to save on shaving. hip hip hooray!


4 Responses to accent vlog

  1. Lashley says:

    That is adorable. I’d say the most telling word was actually before you read, when you said, “I have not read these before or pr-ee-acticed out loud.” That’s when you sound Minnesotan to me.

    And clicker, of course. It’s obviously a remote control.

  2. Amber says:

    My dad spent a lot of time as a young kid in Minnesota. I can hear the same thing in your voice that I hear in his. I don’t know if it is distinguishable to most people, but it’s in words like doll, where he sounds a little tiny bit like he’s saying his o mixed with an a. There was one word you said that sounded similar. Other than that, I would not notice if you didn’t tell me. šŸ™‚

    • emily says:

      that’s so great. since my parents are from oregon and florida i know i don’t have the full-on minnesota accent going. but i lived there until i was 18 so i know something had to stick! i hope, like your dad, i don’t lose that.

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