A Denver Home Companion | PORTRAIT OF RAMONA

dear ramona,

this wasn’t your first snow but it was certainly your first blizzard. we got so much snow over the weekend and it was hard to recognize our back yard with it all covered in white. every time you peeked out the window you’d lean closer and yell “SNOW!”

so we all got bundled up, grabbed the snow shovel, and headed out back to make sure the animals had food and water in the winter wonderland. you were in awe. you didn’t understand when papa tried to roll a snowman’s head. but you certainly loved it when he tossed the good-sized snowball at your feet and it sprayed up and around your little legs. and when your hands touched the cold white stuff? the sensation confused you — icy and wet and numbing. you stumbled up to me with arms outstretched asking me to wipe off the snow and blow on your hands for some warmth. all was well when we tucked your hands inside the fleece jumper you were wearing. and you tromped away to find another corner of the snowy yard to explore.

the snow is already melting (gotta love the denver sunshine!) and soon you won’t have to be tucked inside layers of clothing each time we venture outside. this may make life a little easier on me but you do look so darn cute in all your outerwear, all snugged up tight and warm, ready to take on anything.

i love you, minka. love, mama.

a portrait of ramona, once a week, every week, in 2013. inspired by jodi’s project.

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